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The summer of 2001 marks the 7th year of programs at the James House. Even in the earliest days of rediscovery and preservation, when we looked more like a construction site than a historical site, the public has been welcomed. With open houses and informational tours, we attempt to bring the James Houses' 300 years of history out where the visitor can clearly see the importance of having a first period colonial structure, and relatively undisturbed grounds and farmland, to explore, study, and appreciate. Hence, the main thrust of our programs has been education, and to date we have developed public programs such as the following:

School Tours
Middle and high school students get involved with archaeology, early farming, early colonial construction, salt marsh haying, colonial family life, and nature trails.

Open Houses
On the third Sunday of every month from May to October, the public is welcome to tour our James House, and to see first hand the fascinating work of the early colonial builders and craftsmen. At the same time, the visitor can see the ongoing preservation projects, the progress made thus far, and the plans for the future at the James House.

Enjoy the displays of First Period Colonial Craftsmen, with examples of their perfect reproductions of early hand-planed trim, hardware, doors and windows. Compare with the samples of original features, on display for all to appreciate.

Professionals from the Strawbery Banke Museum and the Sargent Museum have conducted supervised archaeological digs at the James House. In keeping with our policy of not diminishing the archaeological integrity of the site, the grounds are not disturbed by construction projects until such work is done.

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