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The James House is recognized as a true "first period" colonial. The house built for Benjamin James in 1723, near the salt meadows of Hampton, New Hampshire, is regarded as perhaps the earliest surviving example of the two-room deep, center-chimney colonial in New
Hampshire. All of its original framing remains intact.

Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2002, the James House presents an important opportunity to preserve the architectural and historic value of a rare first period house. Our preservation projects and programs of discovery and bring visitors
into the home and workshop of the early 18th century craftsman.

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Why is the James House so special?

The James House is the earliest survivng example in
New Hampshire of the
"three-post" framing method,
which became the standard 

for two-story center chimney dwellings in the region.
All of its original framing
remains in tact.
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