1702 Wedding

On Tuesday July 23, 2002 at 7:00 p.m., the James House Association, Inc. presented a re-enactment of the July 23, 1702 marriage of Benjamin James to Suzanna Smith. The re-enactment was presented on the 300th anniversary of the wedding.

The original ceremony was performed by Hampton's Puritan minister, Reverend John Cotton. Drawing from a published wedding sermon that Rev. Cotton gave in 1694, our own "Rev. Cotton" gave an entertaining performance for the participants and guests. In keeping with historical accuracy, the ceremony was performed in the evening, at the home of the parents. The narrator and the en-actors were in period costume.

Although the original Puritan ceremony would have had only minimal celebration, the event included the announcement that James House had been added to the National Historic Register and early 18th century food was served to the en-actors and the audience.

Pictures by Liz Premo courtesy of the Atlantic News