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Preservation Consultants
Garvin, Dr. James NH Division of Historical Resources
Hardiman, Thomas Keeper, Portsmouth Athenaeum
Mallory, Steven C. Historic Preservation Consultant
Mallory, Steven C. Historic Structures Report (2003)  

Master Craftsmen
Pothier, Robert First Period Colonial Restoration www.firstperiodcolonial.com

Strawbery Banke Museum Archaeology Division
Sargent Museum Center for Connecticut River Archaeological Research
Dow, Joseph History of Hampton, Salem, Mass Press, 1893 is our source for the home page's "1892" image.
Lynch, Daniel P. Archaeologist and Geophysical Surveyor, Soil Sight, LLC; info@soilsight.com
Lynch, Daniel P. Geophysical Investigations At James House (2004)
Charles, Sheila Historic and Archaeological Research Consultant
Charles, Sheila James House Artifact Catalog (2004)
Charles, Sheila Archaeology Education Recommendations (2005)
Charles, Sheila Archaeological Collections Management Project Report (2005)

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Piscataqua Pioneers Selected Biographies (Piscataqua Pioneers 2000)
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Hampton Historical Society Tuck Museum
Strawbery Banke Museum
Portsmouth Athenaeum
NH Historical Society Museum of New Hampshire History
Sargent Museum

Selected Readings
Cummings, Abbott L The Framed Houses of Massachusetts Bay (Harvard Univ Press 1979)
Garvin, Dr. James A Building History of Northern New England (Univ Press of NE 2001)
Dow, Joseph History of Hampton, NH, Vol 1 (Peter E. Randall, 1893;1988)

Land Use
Millette, Richard Richard P Millette & Associates
MacInnes, Stephen Stephen MacInnes Landscape Architect
Brockway, Lucinda Historic Landscape Consultant, Past Designs
Brockway, Lucinda Cultural Landscape Master Plan James-Campbell House (2005)  

Krusic, Paul J Great Bay Tree-ring Lab

State Agencies
NH Division of Historical Resources
NH Coastal Zone Management

Helpful Links
American Independence Museum www.independencemuseum.org


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